A full range of high performing buffing compounds for industries where animal based byproducts cannot be used.

Made with only the highest quality minerals and vegetable based ingredients, for cutting, polishing, and coloring operations. For use on a variety of finishes including, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum, as well as plastic and acrylic surfaces.

V1 GRAY STAINLESS STEEL COMPOUND is a medium greasy, fast cutting compound suitable for buffing down and coloring out the work in one operation. Use to remove belt lines and sanding marks from Stainless. Also used as an all-around grade for a large variety of steel application.
V2 WHITE CHROME ROUGE is a medium grade compound which cuts fast and brings out a high color suitable for all classes of metal.
V3 YELLOW ROUGE CUT & COLOR COMPOUND is made from a combination of fine Alumina and Yellow Oxide where a refined buffing action is required. A medium dry grade that produces a good cutting and coloring action. Suitable for all classes of metal.
V4 BROWN TRIPOLI CUT AND COLOR (All Purpose) is a medium dry type of compound often referred to as “Double Duty Tripoli” because it cuts down and color the work in one buffing operation on many applications. Recommended for buffing copper plated articles, brass, bronze, aluminum and zine die casting in all forms.
V5 Δ GREEN STAINLESS ROUGE is a dry working grade that combines fine alumina blended with green chromium oxide for producing a bright, lustrous buffed surface.
V6  BLUE ROUGE is a true general purpose rouge. This is a popular grade for high-luster color buffing for stainless steel, aluminum, brass, wood, clear lacquered surfaces and plastics, including acrylics. Also used to remove water stains and frosted plating burn marks.
V7 BROWN TRIPOLI COMPOUND (Very Dry) is a very dry grade recommended for use on light work that requires very little surface cutting down. Excellent for sheet brass or aluminum stampings, small zinc or brass die-cast parts or for “color buffing” copper plated articles to a bright, clear finish. Leaves the work very clean and does not pack down in recesses or crevices.
V9 WHITE ROUGE FOR HARD CHROME PLATE was developed specifically for buffing down hard chrome plated surfaces to a smooth lustrous finish. Cuts fast and leaves the work clean. The action resulting from this combination makes it an excellent choice for general all-around job shop work, on non-ferrous metals.
V10 WHITE LIGHTNING STAINLESS ROUGE is an extra dry grade intended for color buffing stainless steel and titanium to a mirror-bright finish, after the metal has been buffed down smooth with a more aggressive cut grade compound. V10 is also used to color buff chromium plated work to a high and brighter luster and to remove stains and frosted burn marks. Does not load up on the buff or pack in crevices or recesses of the work.

Packing Information

All grades made in standard 2” x 2” x 10” bar size and packed 24 bars per carton.                                                                                                        Δ  V-5 Green Stainless Rouge Bars contain 22 bars per carton.