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The kit is packaged especially for the industrial/commercial and workshop trade that requires a handy ready-to-use buffing wheel and polishing compound kit, for immediate or occasional use. Shelf life storage is indefinite.

Each K-402 kit contains three (3) different type buffing wheels and four (4) different grades of buffing compound. Each Wheel is 6 inch (6”) in diameter and approximately one inch (1”) thick to provide wide wheel units, and is supplied with it’s own telescoping, removable bushing. This permits mounting on spindle shafts of 1”, 3/4”, 5/8” and 1/2” diameters.


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Celebrating 80 Years of Manufacturing Excellence!

Since 1938, Formax has been a leader in manufacturing superior-grade Buffing Compounds and Buffing Wheels for the finishing industry. Over the decades, we have developed many grades and styles of Buffing Compounds, Buffing Wheels and Polishing Accessories that have become standards in the finishing industry.

I believe the Formax Mfg. Micro Fine Green Honing compound is the best to use on a hand held leather strop. The compound works brilliantly. It's easy to apply, lasts forever and produces exceptional results even for buyers who have never used before. Good stuff! Kind regards, Graeme -   Razorsharpshop and Aussie Strops
Graeme Barber
Thank you Formax for caring even for the smallest customer in such a great way.  I assure you I will never look anywhere else for my compounds and really appreciate all of you, front office to production to shipping. From day one you have taken time for and great care of us.   Sincerely, Robert B.
Robert B.