Color buff chromium plated work to a higher and brighter luster

It not only brightens luster, but also removes stains and frosted burn marks from over-plating!

It is now also extensively used to bring up a mirror bright finish on stainless steel, after the metal has first been buffed down smooth with a Stainless Steel Buffing Compound.

515-6110 C-3 PERFECTION ROUGE  A medium dry grade that has been our most popular seller for years, for all classes of chromium and stainless steel color buffing. A white compound made from pure alumina that produces a good cutting and coloring action without creating scratches. (Bar color: White)
515-6111 C-22 CHROME ROUGE Contains more grease binders and sharper abrasives than C-3. Particularly recommended for badly burnt chrome plate. (Bar color: White)
515-6112 C-25 ROUGE FOR HARD CHROME PLATE. Developed especially for buffing down hard chrome plated surfaces to a smooth lustrous finish. Cuts fast and leaves the work clean. action resulting from this combination makes it a very popular grade for general all-around job shop work, on non-ferrous metals.(Bar color: White)
515-6113 C-170 WHITE LIGHTNING STAINLESS ROUGE An extra dry grade intended for color buffing stainless steel to a mirror-bright finish, after the metal has been buffed down smooth with a stainless steel cut grade buffing compound. C-170 is also used to color buff chromium plated work to a high and brighter luster and to remove stains and frosted burn marks. Does not load up on the buff or pack in crevices or recesses of the work. (Bar color: White)
515-6115 Grade A BLACK MAGIC ROUGE (Medium Greasy High Luster) A favorite for finishing brass, aluminum, copper, tin plate and other alloys. Will bring out a mirror-like luster on the work. Being a medium greasy grade it is ideal for the all around buffing job requiring a brilliant finish. (Bar color: Black)
515-6116 C-150 *BLUE MOON ROUGE A modern development that has proven superior by serving as a true general purpose rouge. This is our most popular grade for high-luster color buffing for stainless steel, aluminum, brass, wood, clear lacquered surfaces and plastics, including acrylics. Also used to remove water stains and frosted plating burn marks. (Bar color: Blue)

Packing Information: ll grades made in standard 2” x 2” x 10” bar size. Also available in extra long lengths and special shapes to fit buffing compound applicators.

All grades packed 24 Bars per Carton. Grade C-3 contains 22 bars per case to conform to standard package weight limitations of 70 lbs. or less.

* Popular Grade



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