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Lube Wax Stick

Lube Wax Stick


Handy, No Mess Lubrication In A Tube.

Lube Wax Stick is an effective, multi-purpose lubricating wax in a tube. It glides easily onto all kinds of surfaces to prevent friction and heat build-up.

It comes in a handy, plastic, pocket-sized, push-up stick, so that it’s right at home in your tool box or your pocket. This specially formulated lubricating wax is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-staining, so you can use it everywhere.

Product No.  21121   (2.5 oz. Tube)

Use Lube Wax Stick around the house:Use Lube Wax Stick in the shop:
• Drilling
• Filing
• Tapping
• Grinding
• Sanding
• Driving Woods Screws & Nails

• Silencing Squeaky Hinges
• Smoothing Binding Drawers & Windows
• Power Tools
• Zippers
• Bikes
• Sports Equipment
• Anything that moves or rubs together.

Packaged: On a fully-illustrated blister card. The individual 2.5 oz tubes have a handy hang tab cap that is ideal for per or hook display.