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FLARE-PRO Flared Goblet Buffing Wheel™

FLARE-PRO Flared Goblet Buffing Wheel™


How it works

The Flare-Pro Flared Goblet Buffing Wheel™ expands outwardly to a wide disc shape, for 360°-degrees of buffing and polishing action. The flexible buffing head runs cool for polishing a wide variety of shapes and sizes on all surfaces, contours, depressions and voids.

515-602 5″ 5/8-11″

FLARE-PRO™ Buffing Wheels are made of industrial quality 100% cotton sheeting crimped together in a lightweight aluminum alloy hub. The extremely compacted puckering effect, from the hub to the periphery – is greatly exaggerated forming a dense yet extremely resilient and flexible buff surface.

FLARE-PRO™ Buffing Wheels are developed for right handed polishing machines, for both manual and automated finishing operations. Female threaded for 5/8-11” power tool shafts. Ideal for use on right angle grinders and die grinders.