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Product #
625-21174 Liquid Green Rouge
625-21175 Liquid White Rouge
625-21220 Liquid Tripoli Rouge

Shine & Polish Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless and more, to a Mirror Finish! Restores a bright shiny luster, using non-toxic & biodegradable ingredients.

  • Fast & Easy
  • Non-Flammable
  • Removes Oxidation
  • Color Coded Labels
  • Use by Hand or Electrical Buffer
  • Contains NO Petroleum Distillates.

Liquid Green Rouge – is specially formulated combining fine alumina powder, blended with green chromium oxide for producing a bright lustrous shine on stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, brass and more. 8-oz bottle.

Liquid White Rouge – is formulated for use on all Aluminum to “cut down” and “color” aluminum in one operation. Brings up a high luster, leaving the surface clean and free of excess grease and dirt, while removing mild oxidation, water spots and grime. 8-oz bottle.

Liquid Tripoli Rouge – is often referred to as “Double Duty Tripoli” because it cuts down and colors the work in one buffing operation on many applications. Use on brass, bronze, aluminum and zinc die castings. 8-oz bottle.

Liquid rouges come neatly packaged in a fully illustrated plastic bottle with easy to use flip top cap for direct application. The individual 8 oz bottles have complete instructions for use and are UPC bar coded for stocking identification.